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The Mahfam Industrial Group has started knitting work since 1353 under the name Kazemi knitting on a ground area of 1500 square meters with 50 knitting machines. In the beginning of work the products included a variety of cotton and tarpaulin fabrics, lining fabrics and bandage and gauze.

Due to the fact that one of the most important stages of finishing of tarpaulin is in the dyeing industry, the managers of the industrial Mahfam group decided to set up a dyeing and finishing unit. This was achieved in 1370 in a collection of 2500 square meters.

At this stage, with the addition of an increasing number of machinery and manpower, in the year 1376, the MAHFAM Industrial Group purchased a land of 6500 square meters in the Mobarakeh Industrial Area and began a new phase of production – the production of container linen, which in This was the construction of niches and substructure facilities and manufacturing machinery until 1998. Since then, the center of the industrial group of MAHFAM has been transferred to the Mobarakeh Steel Industrial Zone.

According to the production of container liners and tents, entering the brand, Mahfam is one of the most famous and high quality brands in the market, witnessed by distributors and consumers to the present.

note that the brand has been widely welcomed in the world markets, and fortunately a large volume of annual production of this set goes to the markets of other countries. This is a source of pride and honor from the Mahfam Industrial Group.

in 2001, in the direction of the Mahfam Industrial Group, Parnian Charm- E- Zayandeh Rood Co,LTD registered with the company has been able to launch a production line of artificial leather, which is one of the sub-groups of the industrial group of Mahfam. Manufacturing machines were purchased from South Korea, Germany and Italy, and the necessary infrastructure was completed since 2004.

Today, the MAHFAM Industrial Group is able to produce all kinds of artificial leather including bags artificial leather, shoes artificial leather, furniture artificial leather, furnishings leather, artificial leather flooring, cars artificial leather and clothes artificial leather.

It should be noted that this collection has all the complementary machinery in the field of artificial leather. Some of them were designed and built in IRAN and some other parts were from other regions of the world have been purchased and provided, which has made the products of the Mahfam industrial group competing with similar foreign models.

All raw materials used to produce are the best raw materials in Iran and the world. Currently, the MAHFAM Industrial Group is in a set of 16,000 square meters and has more than 250 production and administrative personnel directly capable of producing Over 15 million square meters of tarpaulins, linen and artificial leather every year. Considering that one of the most important point of view of the managers of the industrial group is the employment of young people; all personnel of this Group are Iranian and native, which has played a significant role in solving the unemployment problem of the region.

The other Managers point of view, are important to environmental protection. In this regard, during the last years, they have bought a filtration system. also bought a domestic product, which indicates the importance of the group to maintain the environment. Life is with domestic production.