The Global Markets

It is vital for every producing collection to access new markets. The MAHFAM industrial Group is not also exception of this matter, and with The Changing The Price of leatherette and leather market it has been able to export it’s products to other countries in addition to internal market.

Variety of products while keeping world quality

one of the most important aims of MAHFAM Complex has been global quality, and variety of products, which management’s insight and staff’s cooperation, MAHFAM industrial group, while protecting product’s quality , has achieved to the best quality in it’s products like all kinds of tarpaulin, container’s oil-cloth, Tent and Leatherette.

Technical Equipment and updated Universal Machinery

With Nothing to the paint that machineries, and equipment will be able to help the efficiency and improving quality productions vastly. MAHFAM industrial group prides itself of utilizing global and IRANIAN’s equipments and machineries. And this is one the successful secrets of this complex.

The Technical and Expert Staffs

One of the most important pillars of each complex is technical and expert staffs, which Thanks To God’s Grace, The Mahfam industrial Group has been able to gather a group of the best experts of this branch having high technology during many years.

Management of MAHFAM Industrial Group

Mr.Reza Kazemi esq.

Nothing to the matter that he has been one of the production truk, having experience in designing and manufacturing industrial machineries, Through his intelligence and God’s attention, established a collection of home engineers in the field of all kinds of Leatherette, Container Oil-Clothes, Clothing and Tarpaulin By the updated IRANIAN and Global modern machineries, and is proud of manufacturing the best IRANIAN products with MAHFAM Brand, which competes with foreign samples and global discussed brands.

MAHFAM Cloth and Tarpaulin

The Cloth and Tarpaulin has been of the first human industries, and neediness to the cloth in various conditions made the human-being to utilize the light means at his surrounding, Started to weave clothings for his needs, And as this industry extended, so that the first weaving plants made after industrial revolution, begined producing cloth and tarpaulin and related clothings.

During Many last years and human needs, the Industry of cloth, clothings, and Tarpaulin has very excellent improvement and has achieved to various products with different effects.

MAHFAM Container Oil-Cloth

From the beginning of Twentieth century, The communities and human living, everyday rising of human needs to the articles like : wall-clothing and light ceiling, tents and light little rooms, car-tent, travel-tent, shade-tent, and etc made the industries to produce the anti-fire, waterproof, anti-rust, antibacterial, anti-mildew, not-influenced against chemical material, and harmful-rays and, at the meantime, with the heavy flexible and forming, and easy using abilities, that in this way, the producing of all kinds of container, and tent oil-cloth has been blooming from the middle of Twentieth Century.

MAHFAM Leatherette

Taking advantage of leather in human life, has a very effective role from very long time age. With Increasing of the population and shortage of enough natural leather, caused the industries to think about making the similar, of this valuable material, during middle of twentieth century and after passing ages, The Leatherette and Natural Leather products, Trough modern technologies became very near to each other, so that, it is very difficult to recognize one the other.

The Production varieties, suitable quality, Time limitation, Environmental problems of natural leather, and easy-using, Suitable price of leatherette caused the using leatherette to be replaced natural one, and more products previously have made of natural leather, are prepared from leatherette nowadays.

MAHFAM Producing and industrial group

MAHFAM Industrial group from starting to work tried upon the point that all of the producing and finishing processes to be fulfilled through employing young and expert staff, In The MAHFAM complex by this way, firstly, in the weaving and knitting raw string Through a process, by the modern weaving machines which exists all over the world, manufactures cloth with best quality in various kinds and colours.

Finishing Process of cloth, Tarpaulin and clothings in MAHFAM complex contains : deying and stenter, The Cloth, Tarpaulin and textiles of MAHFAM complex containing productions are completed in this section and are prepared delivering to leatherette, container oil-cloth and finished Tarpaulin.

The units of producing leatherette, container oil-cloth, and tarpaulin finishing, each contains of : several original product line and other relating and finishing machineries that all of these ,amchines and processes are gathered in one complex that caused for pride and glory in mahfam industrial group.

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